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    Miscellaneous budget facts

    Sentinel and Transcript Newspapers

       Budgets are not just about revenue and spending estimates; budgets are full of numerous facts.

    Arrests in schools jumped from 231 during the 2000-2001 school year to 372 during the 2001-2002 year. Police are estimating there will be 446 school arrests during 2002-2003 and 1,756 calls for police service at schools in Lakewood.

    The city's golf courses have increased water consumption from about 375 acre-feet of water in 2001 to more than 600 acre feet in 2002. Money spent on water has increased in tandem to water usage. In 2001 the city spent $134,952 for water acquisition, and the city estimates spending will top out at $285,385 in 2002.

    According to the numbers, the city's department of public works is a busy department. "Approximately 4,600 signs will be installed, replaced and/or maintained in 2002," according to the budget. "Approx-imately 1.15 million square feet of paint, 36,000 square feet of plastic tape, 55,000 square feet of thermoplastics and 40,000 square feet of preformed thermoplastic will be applied in 2002."

    The same department is responsible for speed humps. Five of the humps "may be installed on local streets in 2003 at a cost of $1,400 each," according to the budget. This year, three speed humps have been installed.

    The city is also anticipating a warm winter. The city is estimating that snowplow crews will hit the streets only 20 days this year. In 2003 the city estimates crews will only be needed 18 days out of the year. In 2002 the city estimates its snowplow crews used 20,000 gallons of de-icer, 5,000 tons of sand/salt and plowed 60,000 miles of road.

    The Department of Housing and Family Services estimates the Clements Community Center, 1580 Yarrow St., served 41,862 people, a number expected to increase to 42,040 in 2003. The department also estimates it will provide transportation to 67,697 people before the year's end.

    The housing department reports in 2002 it had 413 rental units to manage and 1,008 Section 8 cases to manage. "As of June 27, 2002, there were 1,099 applicants on the waiting list for the Section 8 and public housing programs," according to the proposed budget.

    The Department of Commun-ity Resources reports it maintains 58,000 trees and shrubs. For this year, the department also estimates it removed 229 trees from parks, 69 from rights of way. The department also estimates it planted 56 trees in city parks and 12 in city rights of way.

    For 2002, community resources oversaw 85 parks with a total of 1,207 acres. It also maintained 13 buildings that occupy 40.3 acres.

    Community resources also reports that by the end of 2002 it will have 135,416 gym admissions and 74,501 pool admissions. In 2002 projected attendance at festivals and the Lakewood Cultural Center were generally on the rise. Only museum admissions saw a slump. In 2002, museum visits fell from 26,711 in 2001 to 16,133 visitors.

    For 2002, 14,588 is projected in performance attendance, 12,556 in exhibition attendance, 11,118 for Heritage Culture and the Arts classes, and 36,173 are expected to attend city festivals.

    Published Aug. 1, 2002

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